Who We Are & Testimonials

When your ‘WHY’ is big enough

You will find your ‘HOW’


My two daughters have always been distinctively creative in ways that were simply quite marvelous despite one having a learning disability and the other having been diagnosed with a mental illness.

I have met and spoken with a countless number of parents and families over the years whose children are like mine.  We've shared our struggles to find support for our children... but we have also marveled about the unique gifts and talents our children possess.

Stay Creative Productions was founded to give voice, choice and opportunity to children, like mine and theirs. We wanted them to see the value in their creativity and to spark ideas of all they can accomplish.  

Our artists retain the copyright to their creations and can earn a percentage of the sales of their work.

We do this because we want to show the world that,

'GREAT can come from...Anywhere!


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