What Customers are Saying About Our Greeting Cards


During my last visit to the US, I was introduced to Stay Creative Greeting Cards Each of the cards has beauty and significance for me after learning the details of the artists.  The beautiful images and the fact that they are blank inside make these cards have a strong impact across cultural and language boundaries. Such is the effect of well done and heartfelt artistry!”

                    ~  Reginald M. , Hamburg - Germany


"I spend lots of money on commercial greeting and thank you cards that often have little meaning behind the design. However, the artwork with Stay Creative Production cards is uplifting and amazing. I feel that my money is being used to help bring awareness to the wonderful gifts children with learning differences possess."                                   

                      ~ J. Reid, President, ShequippedHR.com


“These cards are really beautiful, I am so grateful I found them.  They make wonderful gifts and everyone I’ve given them to has loved them!  I am excited to see their new designs and to use the custom services for my business. The most amazing part of Stay Creative Productions is their social mission: ‘Great can come from anywhere!’   Thank you for these very special cards and for giving young people with hidden talents the opportunity to shine – you have a customer for life.”

                    ~  Jo-Ann Barett, CEO, Aromas Boutique Bakery


“Stay Creative Productions' greeting cards were an exceptional addition to my gift giving! Everyone who received the cards were mesmerized by the artwork and enjoyed hearing the origin of the company. The cards made such an impression and an inspiration that I am inquiring about purchasing one of the images as a large print to hang up in my home.”

                        ~ R.L. Charles, Non-Profit Org Leader, Bloomfield, NJ


“As the owner of a private practice in NYC providing psychotherapy I know there are many providers for my clients to choose from.  I wanted to give them personal thank you/welcome cards for choosing me to assist them in their journey towards wellness. Stay Creative Productions had just what I was looking for. Their costs are reasonable, their designs are amazing and my orders were processed and shipped very timely.”

                      ~ S. Baker,  LCSW, New York, NY


“I have watched this creative venture take off from an idea and am truly amazed at the creative minds and hands that have brought this to fruition. As a business owner, I am impressed with the artwork and can see this business becoming something that will help many people for decades to come.  Way to go!”

                     ~ K. Joseph, Cine Enterprise Inc., Charlotte, NC


 “These note card designs are beautiful works of art and their having been created by kids who should be recognized for their unique and amazing talents make them so much more special!”

                 ~ A. D. D., Project Coordinator,  East Harlem Community Partnership